Shape returns with single "Blown Away"!

By: Tatiana Hazel

International artists miri and Clara Carella team up once again as electroRnB duo Shape to bring us their newest single "Blown Away". The track features production by Provsounds and Vee Miyagi. 

 Clara Carella (left) miri (right)

Clara Carella (left) miri (right)

"Crazy for desire, love, and lust look how you brought me in

But waiting for you outside in the cold is not my thing"

"Blown Away" is a girl-power anthem about being in a dysfunctional relationship that keeps a girl coming back when she really should be walking away. Sometimes these actions can even cause a girl to question and doubt herself as a person. The slow tempo mixed with keys and R&B-derived vocals emphasize the emotional message the song delivers. Listen to "Blown Away" below!