Electro-Pop Duo Druzy Wows Both Coasts with "Can You Hear Me Knocking"

By: Nina Clevinger

  Druzy Members: Luc Alexiades and Bri Conroy

Druzy Members: Luc Alexiades and Bri Conroy

The beat may be heavy, but the second Bri Conroy’s angelic voice hits the track, the tune immediately lightens up into a summer anthem. 


Bri Conroy joins Luc Alexiades to create the Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo, Druzy. Their new hit single, “Can You Hear Me Knocking,” captures the youthful innocence of a fresh relationship, as well as the complete opposite of that - the mature realization that this relationship means more to the person than they originally thought. 


The lyrics remind me of something Lana del Rey might sing - they’re edgy, mysterious, and full of an almost obsessive kind of love. 


"Music has done so much for us,” said the duo. "It’s not only given us this creative outlet, but it's been something we've both loved since an early age. There was never a conscious moment that steered us into this direction, but rather, the pursuit of doing what we loved always felt natural.”


The two members of Druzy are actually from the same West Coast town, but didn’t end up crossing paths until they began studying at Berklee - an incredible music school in Boston. 


Ever since then, the two have combined the vocal talents of Conroy with the production skills Alexiades creates, the two becoming one: Druzy. 


"We had a band of four people, but at the end of the day the two of us realized we had the same vision, music taste and goals, so we broke off and made Druzy a duo,” the members said. "We found that creating together was what we truly wanted to pursue, so we moved back home to Los Angeles and have been working together ever since… It’s crazy how this project began on the opposite side of the country and we managed to bring it back home.”


“Can You Hear Me Knocking” is the duo’s biggest hit yet, it’s wavy electro-pop vibe the perfect fit for what is popular in electronic music right now. It’s sweet, it’s sultry, and it absolutely oozes summer love.


“Out of all of the ones we have released, we have a strong connection to 'Can You Hear Me Knocking,’” said Alexiades. "Bri started it almost one year and a half ago - when we first started working together - and, since then, has been through so many versions. It's grown and developed right along side the two of us.” 


The duo said their favorite track together has yet to be released, so keep an eye out for what they drop next. It could be the banger of the year. 


As for their future plans, Druzy wants to keep building their fanbase and eventually go on tour. 


"Being able to move people emotionally with our music is a goal of ours,” said the duo. “Eventually, we’d love to share our music across the world.”


The two add that they have a few exciting surprises up their sleeve. Be sure to check them out here

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