Tatiana Hazel's New Song is Absolutley EVERYTHING!

By: Nina Clevinger

AaaaaAaaaAah, aaaAAaAaaaAh. 

"Okay, her voice sounds like wind chimes from the heavens," said Joliet, Ill., resident and newfound fan Angie Castro. "Who made her?" 


The "her" she refers to is none other than Crafted Music's very own, Tatiana Hazel. 


Tatiana Hazel - the Chicago-based indie enchantress, as we like to call her - just released the first single off her new project, a song called "Everything." 


This song is ridiculous. Her voice reaches new levels, that damn vibrato getting me every time. The lyrics are so personal yet so relatable, they feel like they're wrapped around me in a warm blanket of understanding. 


I love it. The message is as strong as every other part of the song - which Tatiana wrote, recorded and produced all by herself - and tells the tale of loving oneself first and foremost. 


Check out the song again here, and listen to the rest of Tatiana's kickass music below. 


Be sure to stay tuned for the many things to come from this superstar.