Strum Forrest, Strum!

By: Rachel Vogrich 


Trying to get jiggy to some lo-fi charismatic tunes? Have no fear, for Forrest Major - a rising indie artist from St. Paul, Minnesota - is here.


Major currently goes to Loyola University, a college on the north side of Chicago. Along with school, he plans to keep making new demos and recordings for his Soundcloud page. I had the chance to talk with Forrest for a bit about his music career and what he has planned for the future.


“I first picked up a guitar at the age of seven, and [have been] hooked ever since,” said Major. “I took about eight guitar lessons until I learned lessons weren’t for me. I just wanted to play the way my brain saw it.”


Major never learned how to read sheet music, and usually plays what he knows by ear. He can also play the drums, and does all the drumming for the songs he posts to his page.


Coming from a long line of jazz musicians, Major finds much of his inspiration in jazz.  The Beastie Boys, Modest Mouse and Richard Hawley are some of the many artists that stand out to him.


Major plans to play local shows in Chicago soon, and is also working on releasing a short album. Since he just moved back to Chicago from Minnesota, he still has a little bit more work to do before getting a full band together; but has full intentions of getting more people to join in on his music.


If you’re trying to chill out with some friends and some funky tunes, Forrest Major is the guy for you. Check him out on Soundcloud here.