Don't Sleep! Chicago artists collaborate to create new single

By: Tatiana Hazel

A group of artists gather around Chicago music producer Jaro's home studio, a creative energy pulsing through the air around them. 

Blog writer neon pajamas brought these musicians together to create "Sleeping," a song featuring a multitude of young, crazy good and completely unique artists.

The song opens with Bleeklino’s dreamy, lucid guitar playing, and rapper Ju quickly complements this with a verse that is both indicative of his alternative style of hip-hop and his ability to adapt to the waviness of the track as a whole.

Bleeklino’s vocals on the track are very much reminiscent of his own solo music. His catchy melodies and otherworldly vocals feel like they are floating with the clouds. 

Yomí adds harp and soft vocals with harmonies that bring the song’s title to life, making one feel as though they may actually be sleeping (in the best way possible). 

Melo Makes Music was last to arrive to the session, a verse to contribute ready minutes after he walked in the door. The verse spilled effortlessly into the collaborative project, tying the track together. Melo’s punk and hip-hop influences are always detected through his vocals. Unlike his solo music - where he belts out his lyrics and gets his point across in a powerful way - in “Sleeping,” he uses a more subtle tone. The outcome is brilliant.

It’s great to see musicians in Chicago working together, especially when the outcome is so successful. Make sure to give “Sleeping” a listen...or two...or ten. 

Also, check out each of these artist’s individual projects. Trust me, it’s worth it: 

Bleeklino - Ju - Melo Makes Music - Yomí 


Shoutout to neon pajamas for bringing these artists together. We shall be staying tuned for what’s to come.