Drew Martz Releases Visual for Single "Sunrise"

By: Tatiana Hazel


Two beautiful women, a forest fort and a fat blunt - what more can you really ask for in Chicago-based rapper Drew Martz’s first ever music video?


“Sunrise” dropped early last week, marking the debut of Martz’s new, matured sound. Directed by Aliya Haq and produced by Saro Melero, this music video follows Martz around Chicago as he faces the the realities of his party-fueled life. 


The rapper blends hip-hop elements with poppy, feel-good melodies, using his words to describe the experience of moving to Chicago and adapting to a new lifestyle. 


The video begins in a dream with Martz accompanied by two women. The girl of his dreams disappears into thin air, and he is forced to wake up to a reality - one where life is a bit more complicated than running away into a meadow. 


Majority of the youth in this city are susceptible to an intense party culture. Staying out all night, using drugs to enhance experiences, and having an appreciation for several different women at the same time are all some of the things covered in “Sunrise” that come with this lifestyle.


The video continues to keep an eye on Martz as he walks through different parts of the city, preaching of how he plans on working towards his own vision; something that is of importance these days due to the every-man-for-himself mentality that exists in the world. 


Listen to the single below, and make sure to check back when that EP drops!