Magnificent Chance Brings Us A Magnificent Day

By: Nina Clevinger

When you think he's done it all, he just comes back and takes it a step further. 

Chancelor Bennett, a.k.a Chicago's Chance the Rapper, just announced his very own MUSIC FESTIVAL -- taking place at U.S. Cellular baseball field, home of Chance's favorite team, the White Sox. 

On September 24th, 2016, fans of the young rapper can expect nothing less than pure magic, as the day boasts a plethora of well-known and highly-adored musicians. 

Lil Wayne, John Legend, Skrillex, Two Chainz and Tyler the Creator are just a few of the names on this one-day festival's stacked lineup.

The Magnificent Coloring World Tour begins in just a few weeks, and this surprise day in Chicago may just be the highlight of the whole thing. 

Knowing Chance, however, this is just the next great thing until he decides to excite us in an even bigger, even better way somewhere down the line. 

Never change, Chance. We love you.