Zella Day Electrifies Chicago

By: Nina Clevinger

"You saw me spinning from the corner of your eye," Zella Day croons into the microphone, her hair tossing back and forth to the beat. "You saw me spinning like it's 1965." 


When I think 1965, I think retro tones of oranges and reds and dim lights and cigarette smoke and oversized sunglasses and clothes that flow in rhythm with the music that's playing. I think extravagant, I think funky, I think out-worldly. Zella Day's show Friday night at Lincoln Hall (in Lincoln Park) perfectly captured the essence of her fierce personality and music; all while managing to ooze that sexy, rock 'n' roll feel of the 60's. 

Zella Day, "Ace of Hearts"


She began a few minutes after 9 p.m., and for the following hour and fifteen minutes, that girl sang her fucking heart out. There wasn't a single second of the show that Zella wasn't connected to the audience. At one point, she straight up jumped into the crowd and sang "Compass," walking through and dancing around with the people there. It was magical; Zella Day is magical. 


Zella's pure love for music is blatantly obvious. She had a smile on her face 90% of the show. The other 10%, she was belting her own lyrics and rocking the fuck out with her bandmates. Whether it be an upbeat and fun jam like "East of Eden," or a slower, emotionally-packed "Jameson," Zella Day knows how to sell a song. Maybe it's her raw talent, maybe it's her natural beauty. Maybe it's both. But her love for music definitely makes the performance a million times more enthralling. 

Zella Day, "Jameson"


Chicago has been graced by the presence of some of the Universe's most talented artists, and Zella Day is another name up there on that list. She played Lollapalooza last year, and mentioned during the show last night how much she fucking digs the Windy City. Zella was even sporting a silky red dress that she picked up from a shop off Milwaukee. 


The show kicked serious ass, and the intimate venue was the perfect place for Zella to do her thing. I'd see it all again an infinite amount of times. That good. 


If you're looking to have an incredible time in the presence of a passionate and fiery musician, add a Zella Day concert to your bucket list. Trust me on this one.