Kweku Collins "Stupid Rose" Video Out Now

By: Nina Clevinger

A tie-dye Grateful Dead shirt, a bouquet of red roses and a tattered-up skateboard are all Kweku Collins needs to create the magic that is his new “Stupid Rose” music video. 

Released on Monday, the video shows Collins leisurely making his way through a series of events before throwing the bouquet of roses into the sky and meeting up with his friends to cause some light-hearted mayhem around their city.

“Stupid Rose” is a song off of Collins’ most recent LP, Nat Love, and tells the story of a budding romance that doesn't really go anywhere, and his disappointment in both the girl and the way things turned out. 

The song is catchy, its lyrics are great, and the video highlights Kweku’s fun personality and high energy - not to mention his immense talent. 

I’ve watched it like, thirteen times in a row now. 


...OK, make that fourteen.