Melo Makes Music releases "Drain U" featuring Ravyn Lenae

By: Tatiana Hazel

It’s here at last! The highly anticipated single “Drain U” from Chicago rapper Melo Makes Music goes above and beyond all expectations. Melo has created a refreshing sound not only in Chicago, but in the world of hip-hop. His unique blend of hip-hop and punk influences shine through in his flow. The way he hits every word so powerfully really helps to get his message across. "Drain U" is the third single off of Melo’s upcoming project, Nomads, which will be his next release.

"Drain U" is produced by another Chicago artist, Martin $ky. The two have worked together on all three of Melo's latest singles. This is definitely a collaboration to be excited about. Martin $ky’s flawless production ties together perfectly with Melo’s unique voice and style. Also tying in perfectly is a feature from Chicago's very own Ravyn Lenae, who adds her angelic vocals and smooth melodies to the track. Cellist Sylvie Grace adds strings that bring a dark and alluring vibe to the song.

Melo touches on some pretty heavy topics in his music. The visual series leading up to the release of "Drain U" coincides with the message of the song. The series shows Melo being murdered and then coming back to life, with "Drain U" representing his revival. Sometimes relationships - or just people in general - can be distracting but Melo sings  “even when distracted not a fucking soul can phase me,” and this should be a message to us all. Stay focused, stay true to yourself, and don’t let a single soul Drain U.

Listen to Melo Makes Music’s “Drain U” and keep an eye and ear on the rising Chicago star.

 Photography by Garrett Duncan

Photography by Garrett Duncan