Dive into Beach Bunny's Pool Party

By: Nina Clevinger

The leaves on the trees may be changing, but the fresh and happy feeling of summertime will never fade - especially if you’re listening to Chicago-based singer/songwriter Beach Bunny. 


Beach Bunny - Lili Trifilio to those who know her personally - brings upbeat vibes to the cold front coming our way. Her latest EP, Pool Party, features five original tunes that are heavily inspired by the lax craziness that is summer. 


Her life isn’t all fun-in-the-sun, however. Trifilio attends DePaul University, a well-known business school in Chicago. She is undecided in her major, but knows music is the ultimate goal. 


"Surrounding myself with people who loved music is what allowed me to grow and pushed me as a musician the most,” said Trifilio, when asked what spiked her interest in pursuing her music career.  "After coming to DePaul, I met so many like-minded, talented people and this is what ultimately lead to the creation of Beach Bunny.”


The name 'Beach Bunny' stems from multiple things: Trifilio’s love for animals, and her admiration for surf culture and the music that goes with it. According to her, female surfers are often referred to as "beach bunnies.” Trifilio combined these things and magic was made. 


Pool Party is full of emotion, but mainly focuses on the lives of other people, according to Trifilio. Her more personal compilation is called ANIMALISM, and was dropped in December of last year. 


"I've been singing for as long as I can remember, which is why I think pursing music came naturally for me from a very young age,” said Trifilio. "I started playing music in the fifth grade, after my dad signed me up for guitar lessons, and continued playing and covering songs [throughout] high school.” 


Now a college student, Trifilio has big plans for her future. She wants to make music forever, and has high hopes for making it in the professional industry. 


"I have big dreams, and although I understand that there may be setbacks and obstacles, I have smaller goals that comprise of a bigger end goal,” said Trifilio. "My philosophy is that anyone can do anything if they pursue it with full force and make their goal their life.” 


Trifilio is determined to make her goals happen. Within the next year, she has plans to drop a few new singles, produce and sell merch, and make her Beach Bunny daydreams come to life with a tour on the West Coast. 


Lucky for her, dreams won’t be too hard to turn into reality - most of her friends are musicians, and double as her muses. 


"My biggest inspirations are my friends,” said Trifilio. “[They] consistently deliver amazing performances and make me want to get better and better everyday.” 


Her music gives me a Zooey-Deschanel-meets-the-Beach-Boys-type vibe, and I seriously dig it. The songs are short and sweet, but they carry with them a certain depth - both lyrical and instrumental. 


Trifilio isn’t wrong in thinking she has what it takes to make it far -  she does. Her music is just the right amount of serious, while still remaining incredibly fun. 


Be sure to check it out here.