Crafted music founders.  Nina Clevinger (left) Tatiana Hazel (right)

Crafted music founders. Nina Clevinger (left) Tatiana Hazel (right)

Crafted is a collaboration started by two friends from Chicago who share a passion for music.

Singer/songwriter Tatiana Hazel and writer Nina Clevinger have joined forces to bring attention to the flourishing Chicago music scene and artists all over the world.

Crafted is an all femme run blog, however we are accepting of all people from all walks of life. Crafted was created to encourage people to achieve their dreams and to expose new music to people of all genders, races, orientations and age.

The name Crafted stems from our interest in witchcraft and our belief that every individual possesses their own magical powers and abilities.

We hope to share the magic of music and the universe with everyone we encounter, and enchant those who encounter us.